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GILSON Duel Park Twin Snowboard 149 Testboard

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GILSON Duel Park Twin Snowboard 149

GILSON Duel Park Twin Snowboard 149

 Testboard- 1x gefahren

Size: 149
Flex Profile: SUPERFLEX (most flex)
Core: Poplar Hardwood
Graphics: Sublimated
Base Material: 4001 Grade Sintered Ptex
Sidewall: UHMW
Inserts: 4cm x 2cm | 28 Pack
Fiberglass: 20oz Triaxial Weave
Base Design: Soft-Edge

Combining the Soft-Edge and Superflex design features, the DUEL is on the leading edge of terrain park innovation.
There is no edge-to-feature contact, so you can fully commit on logs and rails with no hangup. Expand your trick
arsenal with confidence. So much butter to play with. Next time you’re in a jib and butter showdown, draw your



Our bases take advantage of a relatively simple concept - in motion, snow behaves much like water
and air. Like airplanes and boats, our snowboards are intentionally curved to deliver a better ride.
The Pow-Channel makes your snowboard intelligently versatile. The amount of surface area in contact
with the snow changes with the conditions.
Rise up to reduce contact on hard-packed snow for faster acceleration, allowing you to go bigger. Sink
down to make full contact in the powder for total float and a surfy ride.
The Soft-Edge is made from a smooth bend in the base material just beneath your traditional hard
edge. With the Soft-Edge, you can butter, play, and surf the snow with heightened agility and control.
The major flex point on a Gilson is located between your feet to give you more control of the elastic
potential energy (POP). This also prevents nose and tail chatter. You can thank the third dimension in
base design for the first true marriage between flex and pop.

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
EAN code Nein
Manufacturer Gilson


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